I am a beginner and want to buy a guitar, what would be the best guitar to buy?

Basically there are 4 different types of guitars:

Classic guitar (Nylon stringed) – To play Classical and Flamenco music.

Acoustic guitar (Steel stringed) – To play Pop music. This guitar has no amplification.

Acoustic Electric guitar (Steel stringed) – To play Pop music and can be plugged into an amp if required (for playing solo or in a band).

Electric guitar (Steel stringed) – To play any kind of music (in a band).

For most people (beginners especially) I recommend the Acoustic Electric guitars as we can play it with or without an amp and we can even plug it into a mixer when we play on a stage. But if you know that you are going to be serious about learning guitar and thinking about playing in a band in the future, you should consider getting an electric guitar.

Everyone has different taste when it comes to style and brand so it really depends on how much you wish to spend. If you want to take lessons with me, I could give you some advice and suggest the best places to go or come along with you and help you choose a guitar or bass.

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