How do you practice to play fast?

The secret to playing fast is to play slow and well first,however, most people don’t have the patience to practice to get to the point where they can play fast and well. When you can do it well from every aspect, then you just do the same thing, but faster.

You MUST think about every element of your playing including what to play, when to play it and how to play it. If you practice fast, you will have less time to think about what you’re doing and you will find that the practice session becomes a total waste of time and I can guarantee you that you will get nowhere and get frustrated instead.

If you practice slow, you have more time to think about everything you are doing and you can avoid making mistakes. This way you progress faster and have more fun. When you play fast you need to think faster and ahead of what you’re doing. So DO NOT play any faster than you can think, otherwise you will make a mess of it.

Category: Practice Tips