Which strings should I use?

If you are a beginner and play an acoustic guitar, I would recommend you use gauge 10 – 50, because they are not too hard to press to the fret-board.

If you are learning an electric guitar, I would recommend gauge 9 – 42. They are easier to play than thicker strings.

If you are intermediate or advanced I would recommend gauge 9 – 42, 9 – 46, 10 – 46 or 10 – 52 whatever feels right for you. The thicker the strings, the harder they are to play and to bend.

For your acoustic guitar, you could use gauge 10 or 11.

Some people choose thicker strings to get thicker sound, but actually the sound of your guitar also depends on how you set your equalizer on your amplifier and how you play.

I use gauge 9 – 46.

At the end of the day, you should choose strings that feel right for you.

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