What’s the best age to learn guitar or bass?

Some people start learning instruments when they’re five years old and some people start when they’re in their 50s.
The reason why people think that they younger we are the easiest to learn something is mainly because the younger people normally have less responsibility and more time to practice.
So, the best time to learn is now.

However, if you are already in your 50s, you have to be realistic with yourself if you can really be dedicated and make time to practice or not. Playing musical instruments require thinking, listening, feeling and coordination that will require lots of practice to become good at it.
So, you will need to be dedicated and make time to practice, otherwise you will never progress.

It’s the same for anything you really want to learn. Our youngest student at the moment is 12 and the oldest is 65 (but not started from scratch). Please note that we don’t take students younger than 12.

We normally don’t recommend any younger kids than 10 to learn guitar or bass because it will require some level of strength to press the strings to the fingerboard. Through our experience, if the kids start too young, they normally hate the guitars rather than loving them because it hurts their fingers.

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