There are some famous guitarist who are self taught, so why do I need lessons?

There are millions of people who study music from when they are very young or who have a university education but musicians never stop learning. Music is a very complex art and you can learn something new every time you pick up the instrument.

These days, everything requires knowledge. If you want to be a good cook, you can take a cooking course. If you want to be a good dancer, you can go to a dance studio. If you want to be a boxer, you can go to a gym. Music is no different.

Yes, you can learn by yourself but it will take much longer. You may not know when you are doing things wrong which are slowing you down or even learning bad habits which are very difficult to unlearn. Some people may wonder why they’re not progressing and get frustrated and at the end of the day they give up.

There are books and CDs available to learn any instrument in the market but with a qualified and experienced teacher you will learn the most practical and effective way to master your choseninstrument and the theory to support your playing.
You will be amazed how much you learn even after one lesson.

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