I would love to take some lessons with you, but I live too far away from you. What’s your advice to find a good teacher close to where I live?

It is very important to find a good teacher so you don’t practice an ineffective way to play. My advice would be try to find a “teacher” not just a tutor. What I mean is someone who has proper training. The teacher doesn’t need to have graduated from university but they must have musical training ie not someone who is completely self taught.

Of course it would be better if you could find someone with proper qualifications as a teacher. Find a teacher who is also a player and a player who is also a teacher. Normally they are busy, but it would be worth being on their waiting list.

You wouldn’t learn how to cook from someone who teaches cooking but never cooks, would you?

Do your research and be prepared to sacrifice a little bit of time in travel to learn with the best. If you live too far away from Harry’s Guitar Studio but would still like to have lessons with us, you can have lessons via Skype.

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