Harry’s method of teaching is a combination of his formal study as a music teacher, experience as a working musician and actively teaching music for the past 20 years. His method makes sense, is realistic and it works.

We teach our students to:

1. Learn or improve your skills and knowledge on guitar or bass
2. Improve your musicality
3. Learn your favourite songs in minutes
4. Learn to play with other musicians
5. Learn to improvise
6. Write your own music

All you need to do is follow the program and practice well.

Harry will teach you how to master guitar or bass including playing by ear, reading tablature and musical notation (optional), playing rhythm, riffs, solos, finger-picking, finger tapping and all you need to know about the guitar or bass.

Over the years of teaching he has been using many books from GIT and Berklee combined with his own approach based on what has studied, also years of teaching and playing experience.

From your first lesson he will assess your musical knowledge and playing ability and provide you with the most appropriate material to improve your skill.

Beside teaching you to improve your playing, he will help you to learn the songs that you want to play and show you how to learn them effectively, also help you to develop your own idea for those who want to write your own music.

Harry believes that musicians should be able to sing. Their singing doesn’t need to be as good as their playing but should be in tune, AT LEAST. Harry will introduce you to basic singing techniques.

Some of Harry’s students were not able to sing when they started but, after following and practising Harry’s method, they were able to hear the notes and sing and play at the same time.

Harry’s philosophy:

To teach his students to be the best musicians they can be.

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